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VanMar. is a professional recording studio located in downtown San Francisco, CA, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • Mac Mini 
    3.2 ghz 6 core intel i7 
    64gb RAM
    Dual 27 inch monitors

  • Protools 2020.11.0

  • Soundcraft Ghost 32LE

  • Audio Technica AT4050 (x2)
    Audio Technica AT4041 (x2)
    AKG C414 (x2)
    Blue Hummingbird (x2)
    Cascade Fatheads (x2)
    Blue Bluebird
    EV RE20
    Shure SM57 (x6)
    Shure Beta SM57 (x2)
    Sennheiser MD421 (x5)
    Sennheiser MD409 U3
    AKG D112 (x2)
    Shure Beta 91A
    Shure Beta 52A
    Samson C01

  • Universal Audio Twin X
    ART TPS Pro (w/ Telefunken mod)
    Empirical Labs stereo pair Distressors (x2)
    TL Audio Ivory series VP-5051 Valve processor
    DBX 160xt
    ART TPS II (w/ Tube upgrade)
    DeltaLab Effectron digital delay
    DeltaLab Effectron II digital delay
    ADA S1000 Digital Delay
    Behringer Autocom (x2)
    Purkhiser Electronics CA-1 

  • Yamaha NS10 (x2)
    Genelec 1032C (x2)
    Auratone 5C

  • DW Custom kit w/ 14, 16 and 20
    Mapex Saturn walnut/maple snare drum
    Pearl Congas
    Pearl Bongos
    Epiphone masterbilt acoustic
    Martin 12 string acoustic
    Fender Telecaster
    Fender Stratocaster 
    Gibson Les Paul studio
    Fender Mustang bass guitar
    Fender Super Reverb (silverface)
    Ampeg Jet
    Fender Excelsior 
    Fender Blues Junior
    Zildjian K 13inch HiHats
    Zidlian Avedis 10 splash
    Sabian AAX 15 rock hats
    Sabian AA medium 17inch crash
    Sabian AA rock 18 crash
    Sabian AA 22inchr Rock Ride
    Sabian HHX extreme 16 crash
    Sabian HHX extreme 18 crash
    Zildjian 14 K custom hybrid hihats 
    Baldwin upright studio piano (late 60s)
    M-Audio keystation 88 Midi Controller

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